Our purpose

We want to be the leading investor in regional commercial property, generating sector-leading total returns, whilst growing a sustainable portfolio of assets that adapts to changing occupier demands.

Our values

We are AMBITIOUS in our goals and together as a team we are courageous in our approach to delivering our strategy.

We are ASTUTE in our approach to business, identifying opportunities and applying our expertise to maximise total returns.

We are ACTIVE asset managers, focussed on excelling and applying the highest standards of integrity in everything we do.

Our culture

Within Palace Capital we promote a culture of inclusivity which allows all our people to contribute to the formulation and achievement of our strategic priorities. We are a highly professional and skilled team, with a profound family ethos ensuring employees feel valued and supported in both their working and personal lives.

Our strategy

Our focus is on value creation through our targeted acquisition of regional commercial property.

We invest across sectors outside London, based on fundamental demand/supply macro-economics supported by structural trends. We focus on properties where we can enhance the long-term income and capital value through pro active management and strategic capital developments to create desirable real estate that meets demand. We employ a conservative financing strategy with debt aligned to our property strategy.

Our Strategic Priorities