We see value in regional university towns and cities with good infrastructure such as major road arteries and fast rail links because urbanisation and population growth drive demand for commercial space.

Our regional portfolio is focused on the office and industrial growth sectors. We see favourable supply/ demand characteristics in these markets.

Sector split

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Future of the regional office market

  • Expectation of return to the office post lockdown
  • “Working from Home” is an option not a replacement for an office environment
  • Collaboration is key in any industry and offices will remain vital to increasing productivity
  • Quality of office space and location will determine outperformance as ESG agenda increases
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Future of the regional industrial market

  • Accelerated trend towards e-commerce and distribution
  • Customers want their products delivered quickly and this is leading many suppliers to seek distribution close to city centres
  • We see income and capital growth continuing in regional industrial sectors as a result of major infrastructure investment and population growth

Why our portfolio is well positioned to benefit from these trends


Throughout the ‘return to the office’, Palace Capital took the opportunity to adapt space to changing requirements. Flexibility, Connectivity and efficiency of space have been optimised to stabilise occupancy levels.

Prime City Centre locations with the best transport links are fundamental to our office investment strategy.


Changes in consumer behaviour (i.e. accelerated adoption of online commerce) have resulted in greater demand for logistics stock.